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Here’s Rafael from Brazil: “March 27 we had our ITGW game. Unfortunately, just 3 people showed up, but lots of players from other states gave us good feedback on the event, as how they thought it was a great idea and such.

“I DMed ‘The Goblin’s Lair- The Red Hand Trail’, a adventure for beginners using the ‘New! Classic Dungeons & Dragons‘ black box game, with pre gen characters, miniatures and some tiles. All to introduce 2 friends to their first RPG game ever, and the other one to the ‘true way of gaming.’

“I started talking about what was a RPG, then explained the basics and then began the game. It started very well, as the characters (a dwarf, a wizard and a elf, all 2nd level) got hired to eliminate the goblin menace that threatened the village. They explored a little, but decided to go AGAINST their own thoughts and went to a blocked path. So, they used force and got the rocks away (one of the new players even said ‘wow, the goblins would never had the strength to put those rocks here!.’ (Editor’s Note: that might’ve been a sign that perhaps that wasn’t the smartest idea….)

“The thing is that they released a wight, and that was the end of the adventure: everyone was slain by the 4** HD monster. A hour and a half game full of laughs and good moments! In the end, I gave out and explained the ‘quick primer’ guide, translated by me, and got the points where they ‘failed’, like not protecting the mage, not trying to ‘finish’ the cave and such. The payer who had ealier experiences with 3.x and 4 ed said ‘oh, that was great! my DM never puts a challenge (monster) stronger than the players.’

Now as I´ve wrote the experience in our site, other people can see how much fun it was and maybe next year, they could do the same!

link (in portuguese):http://www.vorpal.com.br/2010/03/31/red-hand-trail-meu-jogo-na-itgw/

Tyler in Vermont posted about this in comments to the last post, but here’s a bit more for everyone to see:

Labyrinth Lord: Downward to Adventure!
Left to right: Lasoleg the Elf, Gringo the Halfling, Bob the Cleric and Pope the Dwarf. Fittingly, Dingus the Thief cannot be seen.
For International Traditional Gaming Week, I rounded up some players to delve into Castle of the Mad Archmage using the Labyrinth Lord rules. For most of the people at the table, it was their first time with an old school ruleset, including myself. On their way to explore Castle Greyhawk for fame and fortune, Lasoleg the elf, Gringo the halfling, Bob the cleric, Dingus the thief and Pope the dwarf found themselves abruptly tumbling down into unexplored depths when a hidden quicksand pit deposited them on the outskirts of a sprawling underground complex.” (More adventuring goodness on his blog.)

Thanks to everyone who made ITGW a success this Spring!

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Spring ITGW Success!

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This is exactly the sort of response we’ve been looking for – gamers discovering what the Old School Renaissance is all about, and getting excited about it.

Tavis Allison reports that the Compleat Strategist game went well: “We had upwards of 35 people at the Arneson gameday this afternoon; I do believe a good time was had by all, except for one person who left Joe’s AD&D game because it got too loud in the Strategist’s basement – a good problem to have, even if it wasn’t entirely our own crowd that was responsible (we had five tables of games, but there were also three of Warmachine players and one of an unrelated D&D group).

“One of the people at my table had never played a tabletop RPG before! He’d gotten interested in it after listening to the Penny Arcade and Robot Chicken podcasts, and this event brought him out to try gaming in person.”

JoetheLawyer reports on his Castle Zagyg event, also a part of the combo Dave Arneson Gameday and TARGA ITGW event: “We had a good time. Lots of laughing, and “Oh Shit!” moments, especially after the nefarious Gygaxian group teleport to a random part of the dungeon, and a fall into a 10′ pit trap. When the Hippogriff carried off and ate the sturdy pack mule and large sack full of trap testing chickens, it wasn’t too bad of a moment either :)”

Forest Ray from Michigan reports: “the ITGW event at evolution games was a success at three games with five people each for a grand total of fifteen.”

Norman Harmon says: “In honor of International Traditional Gaming Week I ran my “B2 Caves of Chaos” for some of the local D&D Meetup crew this past Sunday.”

Two views of Norman’s International Traditional Gaming Week B2 game – lots of fun being had!

One of his players commented: “Thumbs up to the death & dismemberment table, which gave everyone a second chance, as both Clerics were doling out the cure light wounds asap. The simplicity of the rules and the jovial energy of the players was intoxicating. I’m totally up for another old school game.”
Another one of Norman’s players, Flip, comments in his blog on what it was like to play Old School for the first time.

Last but certainly not least are videos from the massive Chainmail miniatures game at Gary Con! Check ’em out!

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This Week in the OSR – Saturday, March 20, 2010

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New Releases!

Fight On! #8 – Winter 2010 has Arrived! In Print for $9.99, or available as a pdf for $7.00.

Surrounded on all sides by monstrous aliens, cruel demigods, and ancient lich-kings? Pull out your +4 FightOn8front Plasma Blaster and Fight On! Issue 8, dedicated to cover artist Erol Otus, is ready to ROCK YOUR GAME with new races, classes, spells, tables, gods, monsters, traps, reviews, a ‘desert sandbox’ minicampaign, two longer adventures, eight minidungeons, and lots of other goodies to help you take it to the next level – or stop the PCs from getting there! With art and articles by Erol Otus, Kevin Mayle, Mark Allen, Lee Barber, Peter Jensen, Steve Robertson, Samuel Kisko, Patrick Farley, Robert Lionheart, Ramsey Dow, Jeff Rients, Gabor Lux, Age of Fable, Baz Blatt, Zachary Houghton, Erin “Taichara” Bisson, Del L. Beaudry, Geoffrey O. Dale, Michael Curtis, Tavis Allison, James Maliszewski, Tony Dowler, and many, many more, this issue is jam-packed with the old-school action adventure you crave. Don’t miss out – grab it today!

If you haven’t used it yet, the Lulu code Ides is good for the month of March, granting a 10% discount on any order. A new issue of Fight On! is always a treat and I can’t wait to read this one!


Rended Press has released its first, full length adventure: Temple of the Ghoul. Available as a free pdf, TotG is an  Osric compatible module, designed for low-level characters. Congratulations! Here’s looking forward to many more releases from this new publishing enterprise.


If you head on over to Dragonsfoot, you’ll find a couple of new downloads. The Corrupt Crypt of Ilmater and HS1 – The Village of Rashtan. More free pdf’s, for your gaming pleasure!



320_6474363 (1)At The Warlock’s Home Brew Lulu Storefront, DC-1 The Outpost on the Edge of the Far Reaches is now available as a free pdf download! The print version is available for $7.35. Outpost is a great, low-level adventure and if you haven’t checked it out yet, now’s the time to do so.

An ancient outpost, abandoned centuries ago by a empire in decline, sits atop a lonely hill overlooking a  bleak wilderness. Why was it deserted and left unattended all those years? Surely treasures that once littered the courtyard must have been claimed long ago. But still… vague murmurings of a hidden cellar have been overheard as well as visions of long dead veterans still haunting the battlements. Surely tales told in the evening in front of a fire to frighten gullible travelers. Perhaps there is something more here than meets the eye? The elements in this adventure module have been left open enough to be adaptable with most old-school style fantasy role-playing game rules and worlds and should fit easily into any GM’s sandbox with but a few alterations and modifications. This eBook now includes the color cover as well as 3 maps colored blue instead of heavy black.

I recently wrote a review for this module, which you can check out, here.  Thanks to Mr. Fini, for making this great adventure, available for free!


After Swords & Wizardry came out, index card character sheets were all the rage. ze bulette has given us an index card Dungeon Adventure! Den of the Water Naga may be downloaded at this blog post. Let’s see if the format catches on.


Head over to Brave Halfling Publishing, where you can get a 2nd printing copy of the Swords & Wizardry Whitebox Boxed Set! $30.00.

This Boxed Set Contains everything you need to play:

  • 6″ x 9″ Game Box (This is an actual game box manufactured for just this purpose)
  • Four Rule Booklets (Characters, Spells, Monsters, & Treasures)
  • A digest-sized copy of Matt Finch’s, “Quick Primer for Old-School Gaming”
  • A Pad of 10 digest-sized Character Sheets
  • Set of Polyhedral Dice
  • An 11″ x 17″ full-color poster (not shown)



More stuff, from the wonderfully, creative OSR community! Click the link to this thread at the OD&D Forums, where  Greyharp has put together the cream of the crop of various Carcosa related postings. Carcosa Coacervation is available as a free download and features, amongst other things, that really cool color Carcosa map, I posted about a few weeks ago.  Available in booklet or A-4 pdf format, the latter running to 40 pages.



James Edward Raggi IV has released his latest preview version, of LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing, V 0.04. Check it out and give him some feedback!


Events and Happenings!

The Gygax Memorial Fund website, has a testimonial page, where you can leave a message, relating how Gary Gygax influenced your life. This is being used to help make the case for the memorial:

Gary encouraged millions of men and women to excel in literature, math and science all by making it fun for them to open a book in order to excel at the game. Please take a moment to tell us how Gary affected your life as part of the testimonial we will be presenting to the Lake Geneva City Council with our request for the site.


I Hit It With My Axe, featuring Zak Smith and the gang playing D&D, debuted on The Escapist, this week. The first episode was introductory in nature and my only complaint, was that it was rather short. Zak, Mandy, Kimberly, Satine, Frankie, Connie and Sascha invite us to their gaming table, to see how they roll. Congratulations to all involved!


TARGA’s International Traditional Gaming Week, kicks off tomorrow! I reported on a couple of events, last week, to which I need to add that Bat of Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets will also be running a marathon B2 session. Details, here.


Goblinoid Games is looking for Module Submissions! More info here.


Now, That’s Just Cool!AEC

The Advanced Edition Companion is back up to #1, at RPGNOW! As a matter of fact, the AEC is now a Popular Copper Pick. As is Original Edition Characters. Labyrinth Lord, itself? Silver!


Michael Curtis’ The Dungeon Alphabet has Sold Out! Goodman’s working on a second printing, but if you can’t wait that long, head on over to RPGNOW for the pdf! It’s currently occupying their #2 spot and has also become a Popular Copper Pick!


That’s it for Now!

Send News of New Releases, Events, or anything else you want to share, to:

James Smith


This Week in the OSR – Saturday, March 13, 2010

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New OSR Releases


Dragonsfoot has released HM3 The Chaos Halls of Belzir by Todd Hughes!

The ancient halls of the long lost wizardpriest of chaos Belzir have been rediscovered. Can the party  discover its secrets and find his legendary amulet? A module for 4-6 characters of levels 4-6.

Available as a free download, running 36 pages in pdf form. Many thanks, to all involved.


1000404n4-300x135 Swords & Wizardry Whitebox booklets, are now for sale, individually! At $4.00 each and $16.00 for the set of four, here’s a chance for those not into boxes, to save some cash. There’s also a deal on Referee’s Bundles, so visit the Halfling and check it out!



Expeditious Retreat Press has released Advanced Adventures # 13 – White Dragon Run, by James Boney! With art  by Peter Mullen, John Bingham and Jason Walton. Available for $6.00 in pdf and running 16 pages, you can pick this up at RPGNOW or Your Games Now. The publisher’s site doesn’t have a listing for the print product, yet.  Their preview page lists the module as an April release, so maybe a print copy will be available, then. Let’s see what the blurb from RPGNOW says:

White Dragon Run is An OSRIC(tm) module designed for 4-6 adventures of levels 2-4

The little village of White Dragon Run is at the edge of civilization – the place where monsters are a constant threat and adventurers thrive. It is here that reputations are made or broken, and deeds are performed only to be set in verse decades after the real story is long lost. On this thin line between country and chaos lies White Dragon Run. The last stop for the civilized before the well-trodden road becomes the weed-infested trail leading to creatures that would rather fight than herd, fish or farm. There’s a fortune to be made for the up and coming adventurer with the strength, the wile, and the cunning to strike out against dangers both natural and unnatural. White Dragon Run is the final stop before meeting one’s destiny behind the sword, stave, dagger, or holy symbol.

The preview file on RPGNOW looks good! I might go back and buy this, tonight!


On the Horizon

Last month, I reported on some plans by Goblinoid Games and Otherworld Miniatures. Well, the official announcement has been made! Coming in August of 2010, a series of official LL miniatures will be released. These will be level specific and each will be packaged with an adventure. The adventures, will be capable of standing alone, or can be linked together, to form a campaign. As Mr. Proctor wrote:

Adventures will be written by some of the best writers of the old-school gaming scene, including Jeff Talanian, James Maliszewski, Rob Conley and Michael Curtis, and many others.

Otherworld, is going to get some of my money, yet!


Events & Happenings

Want a chance to win a free $6.00 credit, from Faster Monkey Games? Check it out, here.


addmarathon-targaChgowiz, will be running a Marathon Keep on the Borderlands session, at Chicagoland Games, on March 27, from  9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The event is in celebration of TARGA’s International Traditional Gaming Week and I truly wish, I lived in Chicago!





Norman Harman of Troll and Flame, fame, will be running B2 as well, for ITGW. March 21, is the date and the event will take place at the Austin D&D March Meetup.  If anyone else has open events, for ITGW, drop me a line and I’ll shout it out, hither and yon.


In Case You Missed It…

 Zak Smith was interviewed by WOTC, this week. You can also check out his comments on the interview, here.

Scottsz posted Part 1 of a most awesome piece of Greyhawk scholarship, at Lord of the Green Dragons. Part 2 is coming, so keep an eye out, for it.

And, back to Troll And Flame, as Norman takes a look at recent history.


That’s it for Now…

Send News of New Releases, Events, or anything else you want to share, to:

James Smith


This Week in the OSR – Saturday, March 6, 2010

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New OSR Releases

79254Hot on the Heels of Wheel of Evil, Faster Monkey Games has released The Hidden Serpent, an adventure module compatible, with Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion. Have some blurbage:

Faster Monkey’s tribute to a classic dungeon crawl gives you tons of old-school goodness — rooms and tunnels, wandering monsters, traps and treasures — in a fast-playing modern form. "The Hidden Serpent" pits low-level Labyrinth Lord™ characters against a secret complex full of varied foes, some working together and some at odds. More than other Faster Monkey products, this dungeon emulates the humor and zaniness of modules from the hobby’s golden age, hitting the party with plenty of classic risks and rewards.

The PDF is $6.00, but, if you head over to RPG NOW between now and March 8th, you can still take advantage of their GM’s Day sale and snag it for $4.50.  While you’re there, Wheel of Evil is also on sale, for the same price! James Maliszewski, recently wrote a very positive review of WoE, so be sure to check it out!

 320_8437579 (1)

Johnny Rook Games has released Watchtower on the Hill, available in a color edition for $23.95 and in B&W for $13.00.

A shaft has been discovered below the old watchtower outside of town. Worse yet, a boy has fallen into it! Your party must race against time to save the boy and sift through the remains of the watchtower on the hill!

This is an OSRIC/1e module, the color version is 32 pages and the B&W is 28. 



 Trollzine, a free Tunnels & Trolls fanzine from Flying Buffalo is available from 79185Drivethru RPG. 57 pages of articles & art from Ken St. Andre, et al. Atom Kid turned me on to this, so a big thanks and check out his  original post, for more info. Let’s have another blurb, from the sellers site:

TrollsZine is a new magazine created by and for fans of Tunnels and Trolls. Issue 1 has all new material and includes a short solo adventure, new magic items, The Troll Chefs Cookbook, original fiction, articles on T&T stunts, the dice issue, running T&T solos with other systems and a number of locations for the busy Games Master to use in their campaign. Ken St Andre has contributed a piece and there is art by Jeff Freels, ME Volmar, Chad Thorson, Kevin Bracey, Alex Cook and Mike Hill.


Brave Halfling Publishing, has released their revised version of Larm! From the publisher’s site:58647

The Village of Larm
by Moritz Mehlem
with art by Andy Taylor
An Detailed Village and Three Small Adventures
MSRP $12.95

Every RPG needs a small village as a starting point and safe haven for the adventurers. It should include a smaller dungeon and some opportunities for role-playing, too.

This 26 page accessory does exactly that for LABYRINTH LORD. Larm is a small village of just over 100 inhabitants (112 to be precise) located on the borderlands, descriptions of all the major inhabitants, a lot of smaller tasks the characters can do for the village, with 2 mysterious places to be explored and a goblin camp nearby… The Mill (Appendix 1) is designed as a small starter dungeon to introduce the players to the mechanics of the game. The Abandoned Temple (Appendix 2) is a somewhat bigger dungeon where the players are confronted with various types of undead and the necessity of drawing a map. The Goblin Camp (Appendix 3) is set to test the tactical skill of the players, having to fight a group of weak, but organized humanoids.

If you purchase the print version, you get a free pdf! Otherwise, you can go to RPG NOW and purchase the pdf alone, for $8.95. The pdf runs 28 pages. If you previously purchased a pdf of Larm, your RPG NOW download has been updated with the revised version, so BONUS! Woo-hoo!


Fantasy Adventure Studios, has released World of Onn: Core Rules, following up on World of Onn: Supplement 1. 320_8236121That last, is a setting and rules supplement for Swords & Wizardry. In the just released today, Core Rules, James Bobb has expanded his Onn material and written a complete set of rules, still based on S&W. From the Lulu sales page:

Party up like it’s 1979 again! Enter the World of Onn™, a land blasted by a mysterious cataclysm long  ago that still affects the land and people thousands of years later. The lands of Ossus and Var-Ultar are laid out for you to set your adventures in, with maps of the lands provided as well as information on the major places and realms. The World of Onn: Core Rules™ is a complete game system expanding on the award-winning Swords & Wizardry Core Rules™ system and is compatible with Original, ‘Red’ Basic, ‘Blue’ Expert and Advanced Edition old-school games and the Swords & Wizardry line. Inside you will find new races, classes, spells and equipment for players to choose from and a wealth of monsters and treasures to make exciting adventures, as well as guidelines and advice for Referees. Players and Referees will find rules to take adventurers from 1st to 15th level, found their own personal holdings or become wandering legends.

Clocking in at 228 pages, the print version is available for $14.96, with the pdf running $7.50.

In case there’s any confusion in the above, I’m appending a comment from the author:

It should be noted that World of Onn Supplement 1 is meant as an add-on product for Swords & Wizardry, while the World of Onn: Core Rules is a stand-alone game that is S&W compatible and incorporates slightly more ‘advanced’ elements.

Thanks Mr. Bobb and Good Luck with your new release!


 Ye Olde Games has released Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox Reference Sheets! Available in print for $5.25 from the author, or  you can pick up the pdf for $1.99 from RPG NOW. Time for another seller page blurb:

Speed up your game!

The Swords & Wizardry Reference Sheets provide ready access to the charts, tables and summary 76168 information for a Game Referee to run wilderness and dungeon adventures. No need to flip through a rulebook when you can have all the information you need in an easy to use digest format!

These sheets, formatted for convent digest printing on 8.5×11 (US letter) paper, combine existing Open Game Content from Swords & Wizardry Whitebox – 2nd printing, David Bowman’s Monster by CL lists, and brand new content for wilderness encounters and revamped Treasure Generation tables. The PDF also includes basic booklet printing instructions.

This accessory is inspired by the set of Reference Sheets that came with the original 1974 fantasy roleplaying game.

List of tables included:

Class Info/Statistics up to 10th level
Attack Rolls for Characters and Monsters
Basic Equipment List (including weapons/armor)
Movement Info
Turning Undead
Cleric Spells
Magic User Spells
Monsters (all from Whitebox plus a couple of new monsters)
XP Values by CL
Monster Dungeon Encounters
Monsters by CL Levels
Wilderness Encounters (new content)
Wilderness Encounter Types and subtables (new content)
Treasure Tables and Generation (revamped/simplified/clarified)

Print these sheets, stick them in your pocket or book bag and go play some games!


Congratulations to all and thanks for your dedication to creating cool stuff for your fellow gamers!


And Speaking of Miniatures…

sw_small_cover_1 Mythmere Games and Center Stage are cancelling their original miniatures plans, opting instead, to go another route:

…instead of hiring sculptors and commissioning new production molds, we’re going to change focus and buy a bunch of old production molds from vintage minis that barely saw the light of day before they disappeared again. Right at the golden age of miniature sculpting, back in the 1980s, the market collapsed and several fantastic sculpting companies went under. As a result, a staggering number of production molds for excellent miniatures have been sitting in storage for decades, unseen and gathering dust or were released only in limited quantities. Since giant 30mm figures became the new “standard” when the market for miniatures re-emerged, these older 25mm figures weren’t ever re-cast. And because those figures are hidden out there, and can be produced at far less expense than new ones, we’ve decided to go back in time for the first several Swords & Wizardry miniatures, a time machine into the lost and unseen part of the 1970s and 1980s miniatures market.


Check out the full announcement, on the Swords & Wizardry forums, here!


And Speaking of Upcoming Releases…


JB at B/X Blackrazor is getting ready to release his B/X Companion! He still need some art, so check out his post, if you think you might be able to help out.


And Speaking of Kick-Ass Gaming…


If you’re not following Planet Algol, here’s yet another reason, you should be!

Live by the Random Table…Die by the Random Table



The OSR is Growing!

And, it’s quite impossible for one person, to keep up with it all! Johnny Rook announced their new product, two weeks ago. There’s no telling, what I might be missing. So, if you have any news, please send it my way!

Send anything you want to share to:

James Smith



And Speaking of not having enough Time…

Don’t have time to keep up with ALL the OSR blogs? Not to worry! Help has arrived!

This Week in the OSR – Saturday, February 27, 2010

Posted in OSR News by James Smith on February 27, 2010

New OSR Releases


Expeditious Retreat Press, has released Advanced Adventures #12:  The Barrow Mound of Gravemoor. Available in Print for $12.00 and as a PDF from Your Games Now or RPGNOW for $6.00. Here’s the blurb:


The Highlands are aflame with the fires of rebellion! Barely submissive at the best of times, the restless  clans have risen up in arms against the rule of good king Oldavin. What began a few years ago as local disturbances has flared into widespread revolt that saw Oldavin’s rule over the Highlands, always superficial at any rate, crumble away like ancient masonry.

A Highland rebel named Richard Dirkloch has rallied hundreds of bandits, ne’er-do-wells, and restive humanoids to his banner and wages war on the forces of good king Oldavin. He promises booty and freedom from the constraints imposed by law and order, but Dirkloch intends to deliver only death to his followers. Indeed, such is his only goal, the initial step in an insidious plan that could destroy the kingdom of his mortal enemy and restore his beloved bride to life. As his plot reaches fruition, what began as a minor uprising becomes serious, deadly serious.

Expeditious Retreat has been releasing a steady stream of very well received, Old School Goodness. Congratulations on their latest offering!



Delve at The Delve has released his Holmes Treasury, available as a free download. There’s still a lot of love  out there for this edition of Dungeons & Dragons and a hearty thanks to Delve, for sharing this with everyone.

In the photo to the right, we see a grey-haired Mr. Holmes, leaning over his gaming table, which sports a blackboard paint finish. Now, that’s an idea!




If you head over to Havard’s Blackmoor blog, he’ll hook you up with some material from the Comeback Inn community.

The Maiden’s Blackmoor

"A short written companion, containing information on our past games, on the concrete changes we made to our setting,  AND the big "Maiden’s Timeline", the backbone of the setting we use, containing about all information about our game that we can spare."

The Grim Winter PbP Backup Files

"The complete transcript of the "campaign that started it all", from December 2005 to April 2009. Docs come in txt and rtf format."

Thanks a bunch, guys!



Od&dities 13 is out and available at RPG NOW for $2.00. This issue has some stuff about Keep on the Borderlands, which means I’ll probably pick it up, this evening. I’m a sucker for KotBL.


If you missed the early issues, they’re archived on at least a couple of websites. Try this one.



Events & Happenings


Noble Knight is now selling Goblinoid Games products. Woo-hoo!


Chgowiz will be running two events at ENWorld Gameday, today. Click the link for more details.


The Escapist has announced a Read An RPG Book In Public week. This coming week, take something cool around town and show it off! Here’s the official page, for more info. Thanks go out to Norman at the Troll and Flame, for turning me on to this event.



If you’re one of the folks, who got in an order for the Swords & Wizardry White Box, Boxed Set, then you’re  in luck! They began shipping, this week! Congratulations, to Brave Halfling Publishing and to everyone who helped make this release a success! If you missed out, don’t fret. The Publisher will be taking more orders, next month.


Robert Conley will be running a panel on Swords & Wizardry and the OSR in general at Eriecon, 2010, today. If you’re in Erie PA, the con runs from Feb.  26 – 28. Have fun, Robert. If you get nervous, just imagine that everyone is in their      Chain-mail bikinis.


In Other News


Carl Nash of Mutagenic Substance, has a published a review of Michael Curtis’ Stonehell, along with a short interview with the author.


Judges Guild has some products in the works! Tegel Manor II, to start with. Thanks to James Maliszewski for posting this information. You can read more here, at The Acaeum.


James Raggi has released the latest preview version of LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing. If you want to help in his efforts, give it a read and let him know what you think.


If you head over to the Aeons & Auguries blog, the author has posted a color version of the Carcosa Hexmap! It looks nice! This is the second week in a row, that we’ve had some free goodies, from the Carcosa community. Keep it coming, guys!




That’s it for now. I’ll be back, with more news from the Old School Renaissance!

This Week In The OSR – Saturday, February 20, 2010

Posted in OSR News by James Smith on February 20, 2010

Edited at 2:56 PM, to remove reference to an event that everyone has agreed, never happened.

New OSR Releasesblackfestival1stpagelayout


Pied Piper Publishing, has released Black Festival, by Robert J. Kuntz. Available in Softcover for $9.95, this 36 page chapbook, is available in a signed and numbered, limited edition of 150 copies. The author has some more info, posted at his blog. Congratulations, Rob!


If you check this thread, at the OD&D Discussion Boards, someone has recently released a free supplement for Carcosa.


Events & Happenings


The author of Chirine’s Workbench, has announced the David L. Arneson Memorial Maritime Mayhem, scheduled for April 10th, 2010 at The Source. The game will be set in Tekumel and you can follow the links above, to check out the details. I’m new to this author’s blog and not very familiar with Tekumel, but the Aethervox Tekumel Collections, will be on display and that certainly sounds pretty darn cool!




There’s some buzz, regarding Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, apparently in the works. Allen at Ogrecave.com, mentioned a playtest, in which he participated. In his post, Allen called it:

– a streamlined, deadly, 1st Edition D&D throwback with some D&D 3.5e influences.

There’s been no official announcement and I’ll keep an eye on this, as it develops. aec1


Goblinoid Games, is currently #1 in the February Lulu Sales Contest! With the release of the Advanced Edition  Companion and the boost provided to the original Labyrinth Lord core rule book, Daniel Proctor is in first place, as of the 19th. Congratulations, Dan!


News From Around the Blogosphere


I ran across a new blog, recently. Old School Rant – Heckling Old School Out of Spite. The author is reporting the daily goings on in the OSR blogosphere, along with some acerbic, though not hostile commentary.  I’m a little curious, to see what he’s up to and invite him to visit my own blog, The Underdark Gazette. I’ve gotta be honest, I could use a good heckling.


Zak at Playing D&D With Pornstars, has given us a few more details on his upcoming internet based show. Titled     “I Hit It With My Axe,” the show will be hosted at The Escapist. Good luck to Zak and his players, in their upcoming creative endeavor!


That’s It For Now


Kind of a lite news-week, this go-around. I’ll be back and as always, feel free to send news my way.

I can be reached at dmkastmaria(at)g youknowwhat(dot)com, or you can leave a comment.

OSR News: Mid-Week Update – Brave Halfling Publishing is Soliciting Articles for a New Whitebox Product

Posted in OSR News by James Smith on February 17, 2010

Brave Halfling Publishing has made a post to the Swords & Wizardry forums, wbcoverfront150dpicalling for articles to aid in putting together an introductory Whitebox product. John is asking for several articles, with instructions to post submissions to the relevant thread.

The Introductory Product will contain a mini-setting, adventures and some introductory articles, as well as a basic version of the Whitebox rules. Click the link above, to check out his original post, with all the details.


That’s it for now. I’ll be back Saturday, with more news.

This Week In The OSR – Saturday, February 13, 2010

Posted in OSR News by James Smith on February 13, 2010

New OSR Releases

MAAD 1 front cover bk 1 jpg_MMythmere’s Adventure Design Deskbook Volume 1: Principles & Starting Points, is now available in pdf. The price is $5.00 and the digital version runs to 44 pages.   Published by Black  Blade Publishing, visit their store for all kinds of nifty gaming stuff!


RC3_Cover.39190533_stdPacesetter Games, has released                                      RC3 Eruptor’s Vengeance. This is an Expert Rules module, available in print, for $6.95.  Pacesetter has also released a pdf version of one of their earlier modules. RC1 The Thing In The Valley, a Basic/Expert Rules module is available in electronic form, for $5.98, via the Publisher’s Lulu store. The print copy is still available for $9.95 and I’d better also mention RC2 The Screaming Temple, also for Basic/Expert Rules available in print for $6.95.




Faster Monkey Games, has just released a Labyrinth Lord – Advanced Edition Companion adventure.          FM002LL_WoE_thumb        Wheel of Evil. I’m quoting the publisher’s blurb, below. It sounds cool:

Wheel of Evil

It’s up to your brave heroes to fight off the invading kobolds and save… the cheese?? Well, a job’s a job,  and things underground are seldom what they seem. Wheel of Evil is a 16-page adventure for old-school characters of levels 3 to 5, plus a full-color cover with classic maps and handouts. Compatible with Labyrinth Lord™ and similar games, including the Advanced Edition Companion.

Kobolds, Cheese and the Advanced Edition Companion. What more could you ask for?


The Rebel Faction from Usherwood Publishing, has just been released, today and is available at RPG NOW. The price is $5.00 and the pdf runs to 84 pages. Here’s the blurb from RPG NOW:

Well over a century ago, six noble houses from the dark elf city Dar Multai grew tired of the incessant, 78837 petty political maneuverings of the seven other noble houses in the city. Moreover, they were experiencing a profound loss of faith in the patron deity of their city, the capricious and largely uncaring Spider Goddess. In spite of their chaotic natures, representatives from these six frustrated noble houses spent several months concocting a plan to leave Dar Multai permanently and seek their fortunes elsewhere. They eventually discovered a long-abandoned dark elf city organized around the worship of an elder, largely forgotten god in the direct opposition to the Spider Goddess. It took these dark elves several decades to rebuild the city to its former glory, and they are now poised to declare war on all of the cities of the lightless realms beneath the earth.

Designed for OSRIC and other First Edition systems, check out the page at RPG NOW for more information. Hey, it has Drow!


Darkwood Tower Publishing has several free adventures and supplement available, which utilize the Labyrinth Lord rules. They also have a forum and have opened a Lulu storefront. Nothing in the store yet, but I’ll keep my eye on the site.


Conventions and Happenings

Be sure to check out the TARGA International Traditional Gaming Week page, for updates and information!



Tavis Allison recently announced the 2nd Annual Dave Arneson Memorial Gameday, on his blog, The Mule Abides.  The day is set for March 27, in NYC. Check out the post, for more details. The TARGA International Traditional Gaming Week page, has also been updated to reflect this event.


Calcon, the Calgary Games Convention, is running March 26-28. Patrick Armstrong from the Ode to Black Dougal blog, is reporting that he’s running some Old School events there, this year. Sounds Groovy!


The Dreamation 2010 convention is running February 18-21. I wish I lived near NJ this month, as my favorite Greyhawk Scholar, Joseph Bloch, will be running The Castle of the Mad Archmage. Man, I need to move to a different state.


Other News

While there hasn’t been an official announcement, Otherworld Miniatures is working on a line of minis for Labyrinth Lord! Reported by Richard on the Otherworld Miniatures forum, 8-10 sets are planned, each containing a mini-adventure, featuring monsters from the set. All the sets are planned to tie together, so they can be utilized in a larger adventure. The LL sets will feature miniatures which are already available from the company, or future releases from already established lines of product. Coming in August 2010. There’s a thread on the subject at the Goblinoid Games Forum, here.

Black festival 1st page Layout


Rob Kuntz and Pied Piper Publishing, is getting ready to release Black Festival, a fiction Chapbook. The author has  reported that the book has been received from the printer and should be available shortly. I checked Noble Knight Games on Friday and didn’t see it listed, yet.


If you’re looking to make a Lulu order, the President’s Day code, WASHINGTON, will get you 15% off. Good till February 15. Thanks to Norman at the Troll and Flame blog, for reminding me, of this.


Chgowiz has posted a review of The Ice Taverns of Salka by James Carl Boney. Be sure to check it out!


That’s it for this week!

Be sure to send me any news you may have. Your comments are always welcome! Happy Gaming!

This Week In The OSR – Saturday, February 6, 2010

Posted in OSR News by James Smith on February 6, 2010

This Week’s OSR Releases.

320_8251306The big news, this week, was the release of the Advanced Edition Companion, from Goblinoid Games. If you missed the Mid-Week Update post, you can click the link to check out the details.  As of last night,  the new addition to the Labyrinth Lord rules-set, was still #1 on RPG NOW and The Dungeon Alphabet, is still #2.


Basic Fantasy, now has their Wandering Monsters – Release 1, available for free download. They also have available, Release 5 of The Dungeoneer’s Almanack. If you haven’t checked out their site, in a while, you may be pleasantly surprised, to find that there’s been a ton of support material, uploaded of late. It’s well worth checking out!


Freecity-supplement smallIf you’re fortunate enough to be on Christian Walker’s Mailing List, you may have already received your copy of The Freecity of Haldane, a supplement for Labyrinth Lord. Credit to ze bullette, for letting everyone know that this has gone out. I keep meaning to send Christian some snail mail, with postage bucks, but, haven’t managed to get around to it, yet. If you’re like me and missed out, no worries. Just head over to the Iridia web page and you can download a pdf of the supplement and cover.  A fantasy city, ruled by a Dragon, is a football I can take and run with for a good, long while. Haldane was previously presented, in issue     # 87 of Iridia and a review of this earlier edition, by James Maliszewski, can be found here.




Relative Entropy Games has released the Elegia RPG. Here’s the blurb, from their storefront:

“ELEGIA is a free fantasy RPG based on the tropes and mechanics of eight-bit console RPGs. Inspired by the "old school renaissance" and  "neo retro" clone games, ELEGIA is at once familiar and brand-new.”

The print version is $7.99 and a free pdf version is also, available. Be sure to  check out their Labyrinth Lord setting, Empires & Engines, which is available for purchase, or free pdf download.


If you head over to Robert Pinnell’s storefront, you can download a copy of his latest free release, The Assassins of Abu-Dala. The author has several supplements, both for purchase and for free download, which you can check out, while you’re there.


Faster Monkey Games has kicked off their Old School Gaming Line, with The Turntracker, available in Labyrinth Lord and Osric versions.

From their storefront:

FM003thumb “PESKY PLAYERS… The average player writes "torch" or "rations" on his character sheet exactly once, at start of play, and never thinks about it again. But as an old-school referee, it’s your job to make the players think about the details. An ill-equipped party must suffer the consequences. Still, who can remember to keep track of all the torches, lantern oil, wandering monster checks, and rest periods? Well, you can, because now you can get Faster Monkey’s simple yet brilliant TURNTRACKER game aid. Download the PDF for less than the price of a latte, print it once on sturdy cardstock, and use it forever. Tick away the turns with ease and watch those light sources burn out, PCs succumb to fatigue, and monsters come looking for the adventurer buffet. It’s all at your fingertips, and those sneaky players will never get away with their hijinks again. Available in both LABYRINTH LORD™ and OSRIC™ versions, to suit your choice of old-school style. THE TURNTRACKER: Making Dungeons Scary Again.”

Available for $3.00. I couldn’t find anything, regarding the page count.


Recent and Upcoming Events and Happenings.

Earlier this week, Havard announced the Grand Opening of The Comeback Inn, Blackmoor forum. The new site already has 175 members, which, bodes well for the future of this community. Congratulations to Havard and “The Regency Council,” along with a hearty thanks.


The One Page Dungeon Contest, 2010, is underway, with a submission deadline of March 1, 0:00 GMT. The Judges and Prizes lists are up, along with all the info you need, to create and submit your Dungeon Masterpiece! If you missed last years contest, you can check out a pdf compilation of the Winner’s, with Runner-up entries, as well as one featuring all the submissions. Just visit the Chatty DM, Here.


OD&DITIES is returning! For 12 issues, the original run of this Old School zine, helped keep the flame of Traditional Gaming alive. If you want to catch up on the back issues, you can do so, here. Richard Tongue, has stated on his blog, that he’s utilizing Labyrinth Lord, as a default rules set. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has in store.


Norman, from Troll and Flame, has sent me some news, on a couple of upcoming events! First, there’s the North Texas RPG Con, a specifically Old School Gaming Convention! June 3-6, in Irving Texas. Here’s the Con Webpage. So far, they have the following confirmed guests: Rob Kuntz, Tim Kask, Paul Jaquays, Dennis Sustare, Steve Winter, Jim Ward and Jason Braun. From looking at the events, scheduled, it’s going to be a blast!

Then, there’s Owlcon. Running February 19-21, in Houston Texas, Owlcon will be featuring a Swords & Wizardry, game. Thanks Norman, for the convention news!


Gary Con II is scheduled for March 19-21, in Lake Geneva, WI. Event registration is now available, online. The event catalogue, is online, as well, so, if you’re able to attend, head on over and check it out! If you’re unable to attend and would still like to support this and future Gary Con’s, please check out the TARGA Pledge an Auction site. Proceeds go to the con, as well as the planned Gary Gygax memorial statue. If you don’t have anything to donate, you still might be interested in the gaming related items, up for auction.


Speaking of Gaming Events, International Traditional Gaming Week is March 21-27. If you would like to join with TARGA, to promote the games we all love, click here, for info.


More on the Publishing Front

Usherwood Publishing is looking for a few gamers, to edit and proofread an upcoming Advanced Edition/Osric, release. Contact Kramer at kramer@usherwoodadventures.com. Here’s a link to the publisher’s post, on the Swords & Wizardry forum.


gg_logo_small If you’ve been keeping up with the Greyhawk Grognard, then, you know that Joseph Bloch, is hard at work on his latest project, Emprise!™, a version of AD&D, based upon Gary Gygax’s plans for a revised edition. Joseph has been keeping us up to date and asking for reader’s opinions, so, if you haven’t been following his blog, now’s a good time to start. While you’re there, you can catch up on his many insightful posts and download the latest update of The Castle of the Mad Archmage.


And so, until next time…

I hope I’ve managed to turn a few of you on, to some things you missed. I’ll be back next week, if not before, with more Old School Renaissance news. If you have any news to share, please leave a comment. Or, shoot me an email, at dmkastmaria(at)gmail(dot)com.