TARGA Pledge an Auction drive update

Posted in Uncategorized by Michael "Chgowiz" on February 24, 2010

With just under three weeks left till the end of our Pledge-An-Auction fundraiser (March 15th), TARGA has to date collected over $260 for the Gygax Family Memorial and GaryCon. We’ve had (and have) some great items up for auction, including:

  • Classic Traveller books and box sets
  • Rare fanzines (Dungeoneer #2)
  • Modern OSR publications (LotFP bundle)
  • Rare RPGs (Bunnies & Burrows – still taking bids!)

If I had a personal goal to set, I would have said $300 or $400 dollars – it looks like we might be able to make that $300 mark. That’s fantastic!

If you have any old school items you’d like to auction off and give to a good cause – the 2010 GaryCon and future GaryCons and possibly the Gygax statue, please – please – please, we’d really like you to donate the proceeds. The GaryCon list of guests is a who’s-who of old school TSR alumus and people who enjoy old school, traditional gaming. There will be a wide variety of games there, including sci-fi, board games and of course D&D.

I know that auction-wise, we have a near mint copy of the reprint of S2 on deck… it would be great to get more up there.

For those of you who’ve donated so far, or bid and contributed, thank you!


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