TARGA Pledge-an-Auction update!

Posted in Uncategorized by Michael "Chgowiz" on February 12, 2010

The TARGA Pledge-an-Auction fundraiser is doing very well! As of this morning’s item ending, we’ve collected over $100 for the Gygax Family Memorial. Thank you!

We still have plenty of time if you’re interested in making a donation or submitting an item. Joining the auction is simple:

  1. Find some RPG item (hopefully old school related, but not necessary) and put it up for auction, or on sale at Craigslist or some other venue.
  2. When you sell the item, decide on a portion (or all, if you are so inclined) to donate and go to our Auction page and donate it.
  3. Sit back, enjoy your favorite beverage and let the TARGA trolls do their hard work in collecting funds and then donating it to Luke Gygax at this year’s GaryCon!

We’ve had some interesting items go already – a copy of Outdoor Survival, 2 original RPG works of art and a rare copy of the Dungeoneer fanzine. Right now, we have some Traveller items up for sale, including 2 original box set adventures. And there are more items going up for sale this weekend and early next week.

Thank you again for your support and game on!


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