International Traditional Gaming Week 2010 and Pledge-An-Auction 2010

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TARGA Announces International Traditional Gaming Week 2010

TARGA is pleased to announce that the International Traditional Gaming Week 2010 will occur on the week of March 21st through March 27th. The week will be kicked off by the fantastic games happening at GaryCon 2 in Lake Geneva and will conclude with a series of games on March 27th, including a Dave Arneson tribute game to be held in New York City.

What is International Traditional Gaming Week?

Simply put, ITGW is our week to put as many “butts in chairs” at old school games as we can. We’re going to be reaching out to friendly game stores and offer to run demos of these old school games or newer retroclones. We’re going to share with our gaming groups about the fact that We’re Not Alone! We’d like to bring new players into the fold, with games that rock and with some media attention letting people know that “old school is still cool.” We want to reach out to the gamers who wish they could find an AD&D or Gamma World or Tunnels & Trolls game and get them involved.

How can I get involved?

Very simple – schedule a game or demo during that week – either with a local gamestore, or meetup group, or your usual gaming group – and let us know! We’ll make sure advertise your game, as well as provide you with helpful fliers and downloads that you can use to share the old school goodness with your players and attendees.

For more details and a list of ITGW 2010 Events, please go to our ITGW 2010 page.

TARGA Announces Pledge-An-Auction Drive

TARGA is proud to announce that our involvement in GaryCon 2 is more than just moral support and mutual interest. Gary Con 2’s registrations go in support of future cons and any extra will go to the Gygax Family Memorial for use in funding a memorial statue in honor of Gary. TARGA’s mission of supporting old school gaming fits right alongside of this and we want to help! Not all of us can go to Gary Con and even if we could, the fundraising auction there is being kept low key to keep the focus on gaming. However, there’s no reason we can’t hold a virtual auction, and so TARGA is organizing the 2010 “Pledge an Auction for Gary” drive, to start on January 25th!

How does it work?

You have a great old school item that you’d like to auction off, say on Ebay. You pledge a portion of the proceeds for TARGA to collect. You hold the auction, you sell the item, you donate the pledged portion, using our Paypal account. (being set up as we speak!) TARGA will advertise all auctions on this page as well as announce them in our blog and forums. Once we reach the auction deadline of March 15th, we’ll announce a final total of all donations and then present the full donation amount to Luke at Gary Con 2, as part of TARGA’s International Traditional Gaming Week 2010.

It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, every little bit helps, and we want to see more Gary Cons in the future as well as the memorial statue fund grow.

For more information, or auction listings (starting on 1/25), please go to our 2010 Pledge-An-Auction drive page.


Gail Gygax, Gary’s widow, has just released news on the Gygax Family Fund (a different organization from the Memorial Fund, which is organized by Gary’s children) Details on the planned statue can be found here: http://www.gygaxmemorialfund.com/

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