FAQ: Part the Third

Posted in Uncategorized by akesher on January 15, 2010

Here’s the rest:

RetroWHAT? “SimulWHATRA”?

“Retroclones” are a recent phenomenon. Retroclones attempt to “clone” the rules and mechanics of original versions of games, restating them in (usually) more clear, modern formats with some twists and personal tastes included. “Simulacra” games have the feel and relatively similar mechanics of the original games, but are more about capturing the spirit of traditional play, rather than emulating exact rules.

Many retroclones, especially those of D&D/fantasy type, were born mainly from the fruits of the Open Gaming License that Wizards of the Coast published the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons under. For instance, OSRIC (Old School Reference and Index Compilation) is essentially a recasting of the 3rd edition SRD as the first edition game, complete with AD&D classes, spells and monsters.

These retroclones and simulacra have done two very important things: They’ve injected a new life into original rules and they’ve made it possible for publishers to release new material for original style gaming without trying to license for out-of-print games and intellectual property.

Yeah, but what can TARGA do for me?

TARGA wants to do one thing and do it really well—we want to put “butts in chairs” playing old school games!

That means that if you’re someone who’s interested in the original or out-of-print games, well, if you want to play, we’re here to run the game. If you want to run the game, we want to play, and get other people to come play as well!

We want to reach out to every convention that we know of, every game store in the country (if not the world!), every event that we can put someone at and even in homes—we want people to know that they’re not alone, that the old version of a game that they like isn’t forgotten or lost. In fact, these days, it’s probably better supported than they might think!

We want to reach the people who aren’t sumulacra bloggers, old school forum members, or retroclone publishers as much or more as we want to reach all the people who are active on the Internet. We want to match you up with each other. We want to see you have fun playing old school games. The more of you we reach, the better chance we have of continuing to play these games for a long, long time to come.
Okay, you’ve got my attention—where can I get more information about TARGA and old school gaming?

We have a main website: http://www.traditionalgaming.org,  where we maintain a wiki, a blog, and a link to our email list: TARGATalk@yahoogroups.com. The wiki has information on TARGA events and games being held, as well as contact information for TARGA Regional Coordinators.
What’s a “Regional Coordinator”?

See that lonely hero on the hill? That’s an RC—he or she is standing alone, holding aloft the flame of old school gaming…

Oh man, where did that come from? Anyway… a Regional Coordinator (aka RC) is someone who organizes and runs TARGA events. These might be regular games,  one-shot events at conventions, or demos at game stores. They’ve agreed to be “points of contact” for TARGA. They are the grassroots people who are actively playing and want YOU to play, too!


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