A Mission, you say??

Posted in Uncategorized by akesher on January 13, 2010

Hey, all.

Sorry I’m a bit tardy getting this up, but here’s the shiny new TARGA Mission Statement mentioned by Mike in a recent post:


We’re inspired by a “do-it-yourself” style of play rooted in the earliest years of the hobby.


We play our games in worlds of wonder filled with imaginary characters.


We share our games with all comers using original, out-of-print rules, as well as their more modern “retroclones” or “simulacra”.


We do this by providing and organizing a network of resources, ideas, and contacts for all those interested in  playing  adventure roleplaying games with a “traditional” mindset.

We certainly don’t expect to please everybody with this particular focus, but at least we can now say we’re focused! After much discussion, it became clear that what we really wanted to promote was reaching out to those who’ve had little or no exposure to either these games or this particular style of play. Therefore our purpose is to provide resources both for those who’ve discovered something new and aren’t sure where to start, as well as those who’d like (or be willing to) get newbies into their already existing Old School games.

We’ve also created a rather large (and sure to grow) FAQ, soon to be up on the wiki and the website, if not this blog.

Questions? Comments?

Bring ’em on! 🙂


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