Madison Games Day 2 a Success

Posted in Uncategorized by Victor Raymond on November 2, 2009


Intrepid Adventurers at MGD2

Madison Games Day was a success for TARGA events.

Some logistics to churn: The total turn-out for this one-day free game-a-thon was somewhere around 40-50 people, with no pre-registration and a request from the event organizers asking for referees to submit events. Event listings were just one-line announcements (see the Madison Games Day blog), so it was a free-for-all to attract players.

Chad Thorson and myself showed up at Noon, and appropriated a table. We then attracted players for an OD&D session using Labyrinth Lord, with character generation in five minutes and then a quick dive into Under Xylarthen’s Tower. About three hours in, we ended the session after dispatching the white apes, and the acquisition of a magic sword.

After a break for pizza, we resumed with the same group of players for a session of Empire of the Petal Throne. The Band of Heroes was sent off to discover more about ancient devices under Fort Pu’er and ended up on a Tubeway Car jaunt across Tekumel. Ice temples, Ssu, and King Griggatsetsa were all encountered, before ending up in Avanthar.

Things broke up around 9pm, as the organizers shut things down about then.

Some lessons learned:

1) Having a referee and at least one player makes recruiting more players easier. Having Chad ready to play broke the ice for the rest of the players, so I was really happy we had coordinated things.

2) Running several different games is more work than it might seem. I had originally planned on running Classic Traveller in addition to OD&D and EPT, and I ended up with four book bags of gaming material – all of which were heavy. It would’ve been much easier to run the same game three times and leave the other stuff at home.

3) Having flyers and swag to hand out is a Good Thing. I had a table display and a bunch of flyers, several copies of Microlite 74 v.1.1 in booklet form as swag, and One Page Old School Primers. They ate it up.

More of a write-up can be found at The Sandbox of Doom. The next Madison Games Day 2 will be sometime in January; we might have two sets of events to run there.