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Posted in Uncategorized by Michael "Chgowiz" on October 7, 2009

Black Blade Publishing is now being stocked by Noble Knight Games –  if you can’t find them at your FLGS, try Noble Knights. Black Blade is the publishing company that is adapting some of Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classic modules for 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Expeditious Retreat Press are having their annual sale. This is a great time to pick up some fantastic items for newer and older editions. Brave Halfling Publishing also announced an updated compilation of their “Delving Deeper” series for Labyrinth Lord.

There was quite a bit of “unearthed arcana”  from Gary Gygax being talked about the past fortnight. First, Randall at retroroleplaying.com shared his discovery of some Gary Gygax articles dating back to 1976 in PDF scans of an old wargaming “fanzine” – Liasons Dangereuses. The blog Beyond The Black Gate shared a link to an essay written by Gary in 2001 about how the author Jack Vance influenced Dungeons & Dragons. And from the blog Grognardia comes another discovery of a 1975 article by Gary in a European wargaming fanzine which goes into some detail about the famous Castly Greyhawk and its dungeons beneath!

Another interesting find from the early days of D&D was an interview by the site Gaming Brouhaha about a Dungeons & Dragons summer camp held annually in the early 1980s. The subject of the interview, Ben Robbins, has released more pictures on his site from the camp. Imagine what would have been said if this camp had been in the public’s attention during the D&D hysteria?

If you are a Traveller fan, this will interest you – rare Traveller fanzines are being given away by the Retro Roleplaying blog. The blog’s author, Randall, has a fundraiser going for his wife’s medical bills due to skin cancer. He is giving away some very rare items – take a look at the announcement and help out if you can – it’s for a good cause.

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