[News] Swords & Wizardry Miniatures Competition

Posted in Uncategorized by mjstanham on October 1, 2009

An interesting recent development for Mythmere Games has been the licensing of the right to produce a Swords & Wizardry miniatures line to Center Stage Miniatures. On the heels of that development comes the following announcement of a competition:

Center Stage Miniatures has licensed the right to produce Swords & Wizardry miniatures, and they are running a contest for Knockspell Magazine readers! Write up the best new monster and Center Stage will sculpt it and put it into their Swords & Wizardry line. Here are the rules: (1) it has to be a monster; (2) it has to be roughly human-sized; (3) the description has to be in Swords & Wizardry format; (4) the winner has to sign a contract allowing Center Stage to produce the minis for as long as they want to. There’s not a money prize, but it isn’t every day you get to see one of your own creations immortalized in metal.

How to enter the contest: send your monster description, in Swords & Wizardry format, to centerstagehobbies@yahoo.com, attention Matt Solarz, who is the president of Center Stage Miniatures. Center Stage will judge the entries, and the winning entry will be sculpted and sold in the Swords & Wizardry line of miniatures, as well as being published in the magazine. The monster description will also be printed on the packaging for the miniature, with your name as author. The first contest runs from September 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009. Fire up your creativity and make some monsters!

An excellent opportunity for anybody who would like to see a monster from their imagination immortalised in the form of a sculpted miniature! Best of luck!


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