TARGA reboots with new focus – YOU!

Posted in Uncategorized by Michael "Chgowiz" on September 14, 2009

TARGA is almost a year old, and with that, we’ve started taking active steps to organize a new mission and focus on what’s important – “getting butts into chairs” at traditional, older roleplaying games. After a series of meetings and blog posts and email list exchanges (see our TARGATalk email list), we’re focused on YOU, the traditional gameplayer and traditional Game Master. That means we want to help you organize games, events and spread the joy and love that you have for your game – no matter what the genre is!

Do you want to run an old sci-fi game like LBB Traveller, StarFrontiers or Encounter Critical? Do you want to run post-apocalypse Metamorphosis Alpha or the new “clone” Mutant Futures? Do you want to run an OD&D, Red Box Basic or 1st Edition AD&D game? Then TARGA wants to help you!

Our focus for the next 6 months is going to be promoting convention games, local game store events and gaming groups. We want to help you with prebuilt, exclusive adventures and content from OSR publishers. We want to help you with fliers and ideas on how to run your events. We want to give you the tools you need to succeed.

To that end, the TARGA wiki is starting to come alive. Right now, we have a list of TARGA events and some ideas coming about for regional/local coordinators to trade ideas, help and experiences. That’s what we’ll use the wiki and the TARGATalk email list for.

How can you be a part of this? Quite simply, run a TARGA event. Put “butts in chairs” and run an awesomely fun game! Hand out a TARGA flier that promotes Old School. Share your stories on the TARGA talk and add information to the wiki. Contact us here at the blog, or drop me an email – chgowiz@gmail.com – because I need your ideas. I can’t do this all myself, it’s going to take all of us to share our love of the old games and the newer retroclones to get interested players into the fold.

We’ve got a lot of cool plans, like a “Living TARGA” campaign setting for the 3 main roleplaying genres, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute your own ideas and games – old western RPGs, 1920s gangster games, strange world games – if it’s an old traditional RPG, or a newer rewrite in the spirit of the older games, we want to play it!


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