International Traditional Gaming Week recap

Posted in Uncategorized by jrients on January 19, 2009

A lot of cool games have been played over the last week or so. Thanks to all the enterprising referees and interested players who made our first TARGA event a success! Here’s a brief rundown of all the games.

Spike reports on her husband running their game group through the Endless Tunnels of Enlandin. Thanks for the great report and nifty pictures, Spike!

Mike Davison provided a great photo of the group that gathered in his Basement O’ Doom to play some Swords & Wizardry:gameday3

Chgowiz is running an OD&D solo campaign with his wife. Read more on his game here.

Over at the TARGAtalk discussion group member Forest Ray filed this brief report:

Our heroes (my two cousins, nephew and niece all first level) rode into a small farming community and found it pillaged by a unknown raiding party after tracking a band of bugbears they were able to defeat them and gain knowledge of the raiding party as well as get some treasure. I didn’t get pics will try next time the game was a great success.

(Running games for nephws, nieces, sons, daughters and other youth is a theme TARGA will visit in the near future.)

Go here, here, here, and here to see the unstoppable James Raggi‘s pics from several old school sessions.

Over at the Original D&D Discussion boards kesher reported running a group through James Maliszewski’s The Ruined Monastery adventure from Fight On! issue #1.  Kesher took some great pictures, which you can view here.

Also over at OD&D Discussion garish offered a brief report of getting two teens into the scene:

Spike and I had two young teens turn out to paint a mini, then try out the combat system from Swords & Wizardry. I gave them each a character sheet and a d6 and d20, so they could continue the fight at home. When their dad picked them up, he took a card with the web address for S&W. The lads said they would bring some friends next Sunday and try a full dungeon crawl.

Wish me luck!

Good luck indeed, garish!  Great follow-up sending those two young fellows with dice and a link to some rules!

Aaron Nuttall had great success with his two TARGA-inspired old school sessions.  Read about them here and here.  Keep up the good work, Aaron!

Finally, my own report on my game can be found over at my personal gameblog.

As more reports roll in we’ll keep you posted here.  And remember, just because the week set aside to recognize Traditional Gaming is over doesn’t mean the gaming has to end!  Maybe your schedule hasn’t allowed you to run something in the last week or so, but TARGA will always be ready to celebrate and support your efforts to help us all keep the flame burning.

Meanwhile we’ll continue brainstorming new ways to nurture and grow this old school gaming movement of ours.  Join us over at TARGAtalk as we plan a second International Traditional Gaming Week later this year (possibly in May), debate better ways to use the web to spread the word and consider plans for events like Gen Con.


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